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    Sorting and aligning within <rich:column>

    Evelyn Jeba Newbie

      I have posted my problem with the alignment of h:column in the seam users forum http://seamframework.org/Community/AlignmentOfHcolumn

      I am not able to sort the field when i use <rich:column>. When i add the below code it says

      "class org.richfaces.component.html.HtmlDataTable (id="personList")
      did not find parent form."


      <rich:dataTable id="personList"
      rendered="#{not empty personList.resultList}">
      <rich:column sortBy="#{_person.firstName}">
      <f:facet name="header">FirstName</f:facet>
      <h:outputText id="name" value="#{_person.firstName}">

      What changes do i have to make in order to sort the field and to left align the contents and the header of the table.