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    No transaction for non-EE thread when using Seam transaction

    Richard Yang Apprentice

      I am using jboss 7.0.2Final Web profile (I tried EE version too, same result).

      I have written an Arquillian test on one of our services (with class level @TransactionAttribute) and seam TransactionInterceptor, but not SMPC) which is being used by a non-EE thread. It seems that if it runs as Arquillian test on this service (the service is injected directly into Arquillian), it works fine and transaction is found. However, if the service is used by a non-EE thread, then seam could not find transaction.


      I notice that in jboss 7, the global transaction jndi is now

      "java:/jboss/UserTransaction". I am using Seam 3.1.0Beta4. Does Seam's code was changed to look for jboss global transaction of this new jndi name?


      I have found a similar thread



      Is there any work around as we are stuck.