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    Migrating JSF2.1 project to JBoss-AS-7

    Stefan P Newbie

      Hello everybody!


      OS: Windows 7 32bit

      Java: Java 1.6

      Eclipse: Eclipse Indigo 3.7.0

      JBoss Tools: 3.3.0

      JBoss Server: JBoss-AS-7.0.2


      I'm migrating a JSF2.1 project from tomcat to jboss-as-7.


      In my original project I wrote a CustomSelectManyCheckboxListRenderer which extended MenuRenderer and worked fine.


      Unfortunately with the jsf version of jboss-as-7 (jboss-spec-2.0) none of the imported com.sun.faces.* packages can be resolved.

      Is the source of the jboss jsf library available for download?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



      Thanks in advance,



      Solved .... jsf-impl dependency was missing.