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    JVMRoute for MCMP messages in access_log

    Alexey Syomichev Newbie

      MCMP messages appear anonymous in http access_log:

      (418) "STATUS / HTTP/1.0" 200 65 20940

      For troubleshooting purposes, it would be nice to be able to filter all MCMP events for a given worker. Unfortunately MCMP messages pass JVMRoute in the “name=value” format within the body, which is out of reach for mod_log_config. Would it be possible to inject a JVMRoute HTTP header in each MCMP request, so it could be logged via something like LogFormat "(%D) \"%r\" %{JVMRoute}i …”?

      (418) "STATUS / HTTP/1.0" MyApp.1 200 65 20940

      I think it would be a simple code change around DefaultMCMPHandler.sendRequest(), but:

      1.    Are there better ways of reflecting JVMRoute in access_log?

      2.    Is the overhead of duplicate JVMRoute value in each MCMP packet acceptable?

      Thank you,


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          Radoslav Husar Master

          Hi Alexey,


          For easiest way of troubleshooting I would recommend to find your way around using LogLevel debug in your httpd.conf. This surely generates a lot of data but after you process it and get what you need you can discard it.


          If you really should need this for longer time and not only for troubleshooting you can always apply a patch which adds your use case and build yourself. The MCMP is low traffic protocol, so for your usage the overhard of duplicate route value is negligible.