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    Arquillian is breaking AS7

    zeeman Novice

      I have an email service test, it got hung on connecting to SMTP server. I stopped the test from Eclipse (testNG plugin). When I try to start AS7 again I get an error saying arquillian-service with hash d3sfasdfasd32 cannot be found. It took me an hour to figure it out.


      It's reproducible. Simply write any Arquillian test that hangs and your AS7 will stay broken if you stop the test.


      Arq adds a deployment section to standalone.xml of AS7, when a test is completed Arq removes the deployment and standalone.xml is back to original. But if something odd happens standalone.xml will have references to obsolete arquillian-service tests deployments.


      I had to manually remove deployments section from standalone.xml that Arquillian creates to get AS7 to start again.


      This is dangerous because it'll break AS7. Any ideas on how to avoid it?


      I really hope Arq will work with embedded AS7 so existing AS7 installations are not broken during tests.