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    how do the jboss 7 quickstarts examples automatically populate the H2 db?

    nick humphrey Newbie

      i'm reading the in-depth tutorial for the kitchensink project:



      and it says "import.sql which Hibernate, the JPA provider in JBoss AS 7, will use to load the initial users into the application when the application starts"


      where/how do they do this? where's the "load on startup" functionality?


      ok according to this page:



      this line in persistence.xml:

      <property name="hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto" value="create-drop" />


      is what tells the app to populate the database, but where's the connection to the import.sql file?


      after reading this page:



      users reported that this is an under-documented feature, that when a file called import.sql is found in the root classpath, i.e. here:



      it will get automatically run, based on the above line in persistence.xml. so my question is where is this officially documented?