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    Loading large amount of entries in cache

    Pedro Igor Master



          I have a scenario where there is a database with something about 200000K entries to  put in the cache. This cache also have to be indexed to allow queries and for that I'm using the <indexing/> configuration.


          This cache (DIST_ASYNC) is also configured with FileCacheStore to maintain the cache state if something like a crash happens.


          To load the entries on the cache I'm using the Async API with batchs of 500 entries per put (I also tried to use a single node in the cluster node to gain more performance).


          It's working, but I want to know if there is a more fast way to do this since I want to test the queries against the indexed cache with 200000K entries and it's taking too long to get all this entries loaded.


          Any idea ?



      Pedro Igor