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    How could Mutiple Instances's User task be excuted by order

    stone crasy Newbie

      I defined a User Task in Mutiple Instances as start->userlist->end ,and the User Task's ActorId is a userlist as kris->john->mary.

      only when userlist's user have been completed,the process will continue.


      now,my questions are following:

      1.how could I set priority to user according list order,and process execute task by order

          At present, I use "taskClient.setPriority(task.getId(), list.get(i), i, responseHandler) " to update user's priority. any other methods?


      2.how could I not get the Reserved status's user task which is lower-priority.

         For example, kris is claiming the task,I don't want to get john and mary's task by client.getTasksOwned("john", "en-UK", responseHandler).

          I mean that I have to get user task by userlist order.