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    fileUpload 4.1 M3 + PrimeFaces

    sv kap Newbie



      I am trying to use richfaces fileUpload component. I am using RichFaces 4.1 M3, PrimeFaces 2.2.1 and OpenFaces 3.0. I have read about incompatibility between RF and PF and that is why I decided to update RF components to the latest dev version. Now it is almost working . The first time when I try to upload file(s) it is not working (it does not call the backingbean listener). However, from the second time on it strats working. Have you observed similar issues?


      I would like to ask also if there is a way for multiple file select (not 1 by 1).


      Thank you.

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          Brendan Healey Master

          One problem you're likely to encounter is that both richfaces & primefaces download jquery to the client,

          so I would imagine that the last one downloaded would be the one that gets used, but would it be compatible

          with the other library (assuming different versions)?


          You might find that the 'double click' problem goes away if you put the file upload component in it's own

          form, but even then if you get it working it's likely to be more by accident than design imho.

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            sv kap Newbie

            It is in its own form and there are no PrimeFaces components on this particular page. I guess that some work on PF and RF compatibility has been done and maybe this is a bug in the dev build. I know that both RF and PF use JQuery and maybe there is some workaround to make this work...