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    blueprint of standalone.xml to become a optimized webserver

    nimo stephan Master

      http://html5boilerplate.com/ provides a .htaccess to optimize typical web-processings, such as gzip-compressions or the like.


      There is also https://github.com/h5bp/server-configs, which provides these settings for a variety of webservers (IIS, nginx, lighttpd, httpd, node.js)


      Am I right with the assumption, that all these settings can also be done in jboss-as7 within standalone.xml (or web.xml) ?


      The goal of this thread, if possible, is to provide a typical blueprint of a standalone.xml-file which includes such web-optimizations without the indirection to set up a httpd in front of jboss as.


      For example:


      How can I do these settings in jboss as?


      HTTPDJBOSS 7 (standalone.xml or web.xml)

      Header set X-UA-Compatible "IE=Edge,chrome=1"

      via mod_headers.c


      AddType, for example:


      AddType video/ogg ogv

      - In web.xml possible via servlet-mapping.

      - in standalone.xml ?

      mod_deflate.c for gzip-compression, for example:

      FilterProvider  COMPRESS  DEFLATE resp=Content-Type $text/html



      Or would it be better to use a httpd in front of jboss as7 and set up these settings only in .htaccess?