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    Richfaces 4.0 autocomplete

    anithajohn Newbie

      Hi all,



               I am on Jsf 2.0 and richfaces 4.0.


             I used that code for autocomplete. but i got major error. the error is  when autocomplete method called,  the whole page will be

      refersh. i found why the page will be refreshed. i used mode=("ajax" or "cachedAjax")  that's why doing like that. but In my application , i need to use "ajax" or "cachedAjax" mode only. So i need to avoid the whole page will be refersh,when autocomplete method load.


      pls help me. how to avoid that.





                                                  selectFirst="true" autofill="false"

                                                   fetchValue="#{company.label}" var="company"


                                                  <h:outputText value="#{company.label}" />