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    Callback Handlers

    Anil Saldanha Master

      I would like to brainstorm the requirements for callback handlers from DB and LDAP primarily.


      DML had asked for this last year and I never prioritized this.




      I will be providing this as part of the PicketBox beta upgrade in AS7 this week.


      Currently there are two options to seed the CBH config.


      1) Pass in a hashmap which is an open ended configuration.

      2) Qualify the configuration with xml elements.



      (12:18:19 PM) asaldhan: darranl: one more Q.   if I expect a hashmap as config for the cbh, 
      that should work, right?   sys admins can always configure a key value pair for the store in Q.
      (12:20:01 PM) darranl: asaldhan, can we get a design thread started, I think there are a few 
      things to consider - the problem with hashmap style config is admins need to know the properties,
       I think finding a user friendly XML representation would be preferable


      At this time, I am going ahead and providing CBH with both the types of config.