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    Using RichFaces with Spring 3x - JSF 2x -Tomcat 7

    Mahmoud Saleh Newbie

      i want to use a RichFaces instead of ICEfaces

      but my concerns are as follows:


      - Does it have a good integration with JSF 2x sepcially 2.1.x and Spring 3x.

      - Does it Have an eclipse designer.

      - Is it Easy to use, and have good tutorials and the community is active .

      - I want to be able to use EL 2.2 and deploy on tomcat 7.

      - Are all components free ?

      - Finally, I need a good tutorial to start configuration with mentioned technologies, i hope that the configuration will be little.


      i have tried icefaces for a while and found some bugs, problems and limitations with the components and with JSF 2x.


      please advise, thanks.