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    A couple of issues

    ZJ DA Newbie

      Hi, I am reporting a couple of issues:

      1. Row height of rich:extendedDataTable is not fixed. For example, if I navigate to the last page which has only 2 rows, these 2 rows will occupy the whole area. I started seeing this behavior after moving to richfaces-ui-3.3.2.GA. Is it a bug or by design?

      2. Cannot use arrow keys to move cursor inside rich:inplaceInput in edit mode. This is NOT a richfaces-ui-3.3.2.GA specific issue.


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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          1) already fixed and targeted to 3.3.2 SP which should be released soon.
          2) which broweser?

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            ZJ DA Newbie

            Thanks, Ilya.

            The problem 2 can be produced on IE, FF and Safari. The cause of the problem is that I put the rich:inplaceInput inside rich:treeNode:

            <rich:treeNode type="Text">
             <h:panelGrid columns="3" >
             <h:outputLabel value="#{propItem.name}:" for="text_property" />
             <rich:inplaceInput id="text_property" defaultLabel="Click to edit"
             <h:message for="text_property" errorClass="ValidateError" />

            I think that the parent component of rich:inplaceInput handles the key events and don't pass them to its children. Also, when the editor is activated for rich:inplaceInput with no value, the editor initially displays the defaultLabel "Click to edit", which should be empty. Therefore, if it exits edit state, the value in the back bean will be set to "Click to edit".

            There is another issue related to rich:extendedDataTable:

            <rich:extendedDataTable value="#{childrenTable}" var="row" rows="6" id="childrenTable"
             width="100%" height="175px" selection="#{childrenTable.selection}"
             enableContextMenu="false" tableState="#{childrenTable.tableState}"
             binding="#{uiTable}" style="position:relative;" sortMode="multi">
             <rich:column sortable="false" width="25px">
             <h:graphicImage value="#{row.icon}" />
             <rich:columns value="#{childrenTable.propertyNames}" sortable="true"
             sortBy="#{propName}" var="propName" index="index" id="column#{index}"
             <f:facet name="header">
             <h:outputText value="#{propName}" />
             <h:outputText value="#{row.map[propName]}" />

            Initially it dispalys correctly with the icon column first. After I left the page then came back, however, the icon column would be the last column. This problem has been seen for long time.

            Again, your helps are appreciated.

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              Ilya Shaikovsky Master

              I will investigate problem with inplace now and just want to add quick quiestion to the next extendeDataTable case. I think there is something about tableState and binding. 1) check that bindign request scoped. And 2) check if the table state object is unique for that table.

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                ZJ DA Newbie

                Hi Ilya,

                You are right that I have 2 tables bind to one HtmlExtendedDataTable instance. After separating them, it works fine.

                Thank you very much,