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    JBoss EAP 5.1 Custom Deployers

    KVMKrishna Reddy Newbie

      Hi All JBoss Gurus,


      We had in house developed custom deployer(extending SubDeployerSupport) which will deploy *.jxl/*.jconfig files and expose each Category in JConfig as MBean.

      This setup is working good in JBoss 4.x (in both developement and production).


      We are migrating to JBoss 5.1.1 EAP version. This custom deployer is unable to load *.jxl/*.jconfig configurations.


      I looked into JBoss5DeploymentFramework and JBoss5DeploymentFrameworkClasses.


      Did not get any idea where I need to start(i.e exactly which 'Deployer' needs to be extended) to deploy my *.jxl/*.jconfig configurations.


      Thanks and Regards
      Murali Reddy