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    Juzu Web 0.5 released




      I'm proud to announce the Juzu 0.5 release!




      • Portlet plugin integration (inject PortletPreferences into a controller)
      • Ajax plugin improvements
      • Asset plugin for declaring stylesheet and scripts
      • LESS plugin for transforming LESS -> CSS at compile phase
      • Mustache template engine support
      • New reference guide


      More information here :-)

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          A new milestone of 0.4.1 Juzu was reached this week which features:

          • A tutorial with examples and doc
          • A maven archetype

          You can follow the project on GitHub, download the bundle or be part of the community.



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            I am proud to announce the 0.4.2 release, , it has made much progress since the 0.4.1 release and has impressive new features like type safe template parameters, here is a short overview

            The integration with GateIn is now possible. Thanks to the integration with JSR-330 providers injecting a GateIn service is trivial to do.

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              Version 0.4.3 was just released, it brings a couple of features:


              • SecurityContext and HttpContext API to get information like remote user, user principal, etc...
              • Multivalued controller method parameters (String[] and List<String>)


              Enjoy development with Juzu :-)



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                By the way to start to use more Juzu as a real use case (beside the booking app provided) I started a revamp of the Organization portlet with high expectations (usability, easy to understand, powerful).


                I dumped it in a GitHub repo (since it's not part of GateIn yet).


                You can also download a preview.


                For JBoss version of GateIn, you need to remove the Seam deployer as the application use CDI for dependency injection and the Weld 1.1 will conflict with the Seam deployer. If you have issues post here, we'll find out how we can improve this.


                Feel free to contribute :-)

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                  up dude!