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    questions on picketlink


      We have the requirment to support 2 factor authentication and workflow process for IDM. Speficifally:


      1: For the admin users, we need to have a soft token such as Anakam token to login into web application leveraging picketlink


      2: The user will be created after the user's identity is verified by a third part product such as Ankam or Lexius





      1: What is the API or configuration that can be leveraged from Picketlink framework for us to instruct that for certain type of users, the 2nd factor authentication is needed and also provide the 2nd factor authentication call back to created an SAML token if the 2nd factor authentication is successful?


      2: Where is the hook or API or configuration in Picketlink that I can use to instruct Picketlink that the user needs to be created if a call to a third party identity verrification is succeswsful?


      Thanks in advance for your help.



      Ken Huang

      Director of Security Engineering, CGI