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    Rewrite valve details: Still incomplete?

    Carlos Oliva Novice

      Is the implementation of the rewrite valve incomplete still or are there any setting that preclude rewriting to an https page?


      I deployed an application (war file) to the standalone/deployments folder.  The web.xml has a CONFIDENTIAL elelement and the http connector is configured to send ssl requests to the appropriate port.


      I am rewriting with the rwrite rule as follows: rewrite pattern="^(/toto).*$) substitution=http://some_url/some_more_stuf/ flags="R=302"

      First problem:  The R flag disappears after I reboot the server

      Second problem: Browser gests a 404 error after re-directing to the correct URI.  I can see in the message that the browser display that the the browser is trying to navigate to the proper proper URI.  If I navigate the browser to the URI directly, the proper page display.