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    extendedDataTable and Row Height - 3.3.2 GA

    Tom McCobb Newbie

      Upgrading from 3.3.0. If the rows of data returned by the underlying collection are less than the numbers of rows that can fit into the extendedDataTable height, then the row heights are stretched to fill the entire height of the extendedDataTable. This did not happen in 3.3.0.

      I have tried setting the height in px via CSS in .rich-extdt-row, .rich-extdt-cell, .extdt-cell, and .rich-extdt-cell, but nothing has an effect.

      I saw something like this in RF-7949 https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-7949 but could not be certain that it is fixed in 3.3.2SP1. Was this fixed in SP1?