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    Help needed as I'm a newbie to JBPM

    Sanket Srimany Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm a complete newbie to jbpm and bpm as a whole. I have been going thru the user guide of v4 as I'm using 4.3. Have setup the whole environment using eclipse and all. I'm over with the installation part. Added the examples to the eclipse project. Configured the server from within eclipse to use the jboss 5.0 server that came with jbpm.

      Question 1:

      But how to get them running on the server?

      Question 2:

      How do i create my custom process and deploy it to the server?

      Question 3:

      I can see a build.xml in the root of the examples folder, what is its purpose?


      A bit of help would be very useful as I really need to start on with this.


      Thanks in advance.