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    Problem with rich:contextMenu

    R D Newbie

      I am using rich:contextmenu. See the following code.

      <h:form id="menu">
              <rich:contextMenu styleClass="normal" attached="false" id="tableMenu" submitMode="server" >
                  <rich:menuItem immediate="true" action="form" >
                      <h:outputText value="Edit" ></h:outputText>
                      <f:param name="selectedRowId" value="{rowId}" ></f:param>


      When clicekd on context menu the user is directed to the new page.


      However I realized that although user is redirected to the other page, the url is not getting updated with new page. URL still shows the older page.


      The action mentioned in above code is configured in navigation rule to display new page.


      Anyone has idea what is causing the problem?