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    Distributed execution framework configuration with multiple threads per node

    Brent Douglas Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I'm new to infinispan and have spent the last couple of days poking around the docs trying to work out how to configure the distributed execution framework. I think that so far the piece of documentation that I found most helpful was at the bottom of one of the pages of the user guide and that if it helps others as much as it helps me then it deserves a more prominent placing.


      What I cannot figure out however is if I can allocate a number of threads per node to run the reduction part. If someone could point me to some docs that describe how to (or if I can or can not) accomplish this I would be very grateful.


      Edit: I am running infinispan 5 on AS7 currently only on localhost. I am trying to replace a Hazelcast instance that currently runs on a single largeish production server.




      Brent Douglas