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    Announcement:  RTI v3.2 - RHQ Edition

    Steven North Newbie

      OC Systems is pleased to announce the beta release of RTI v3.2 - RHQ Edition.  This new version integrates the new application performance monitoring capabilities of RTI into the RHQ management framework and leverages the alerting capabilities of RHQ to collect real-time diagnostic data.  Support for JBoss Operations Network will be available shortly with the upcoming release of JBoss Operations Network 3.0.


      RTI automatically discovers application business transactions in JBoss and Tomcat applications and collects transaction based response time and throughput metrics which are managed by RHQ.  RTI also performs lightweight transaction profiling, which provides a method-level breakdown of where time is spent in each business transaction.  RTI can also perform distributed transaction tracing to follow an application transaction though the distributed application layers starting at the browser, collecting context information along the way.


      RTI transaction profiling and transaction tracing can be enabled manually or on-demand using RHQ alert notifications.  RTI alerts can initiate profiling or diagnostic tracing globally or for individual transactions over fixed intervals.  The resulting profile and trace data snapshots collected by RTI alerts are recorded on the RHQ server for later analysis.  RTI alerts can fire based on any RHQ resource metric and can initiate profiles and traces in multiple applications/platforms simultaneously. 


      The RTI profile and trace snapshots can be analyzed in the RTI Console.  The RTI Console can list and download the RTI alert snapshots recorded on the RHQ server and can also download RHQ metrics for display and analysis with the RTI data.


      A more comprehensive listing and description of features can be found in our feature-tour - http://www.rtiperformance..com/feature-tour.


      For more information on the RTI v3.2 - RHQ Edition and information about the beta program, and RHQ supported platforms, please visit http://www.rtiperformance.com/landing-rti-v32-rhq-beta.