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    [JBPM]Orchestration  undeployment.

    Yuriy R Newbie

      While deployment of orchestration I want to undeploy all previous versions of it.


      To find them I use

      bpelGraphSession.findAllProcessDefinition(name + "$%", orchestrationId);


      Then I deleting them all using this:


           graphSession.deleteProcessDefinition( pfd);


      But need I delete something else to full DB clearance from information that not already useful ?


      I tried to delete Deployment Descriptors for each ProcessDefinition that I found :


      deploymentDescriptors = bpelGraphSession.findDeploymentDescriptors( pfd.getName());


      but got some exception(Hibernate =something like : couldn't delete because it has parent) while deleting some of them.


      Thnx !