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    a4j:commandButton's oncomplete does not wait for a4j:param

    julez Newbie



      I have for each row inside a rich:dataTable an a4j:commandButton to show a popupPanel, which works so far.

      Now I want the commandButton also to change the content of the popupPanel, according to the row in which the commandButton sits. Passing a param value with a4j:param works, but the panel gets always rendered BEFORE the param is passed.


      My source for the commandButton looks like the following:


      <a4j:commandButton value="(PSM in cluster)"



           oncomplete="#{rich:component('popup_panel')}.show(); return false;">

           <a4j:param assignTo="#{cc.attrs.psmViewerBean.popupData}" value="#{psmRow.id}" />



      The popupPanel is outside every form at the end of the document.

      The psmRow is the iterating element of the dataTable and its ID gets passed to a function of the backing bean.

      The popup_content is a a4j:outputPanel inside the popupPanel which is bound via binding to a bean component, which should also update the content and does, but, as said, always after the rendering, so it is shown always on the next click.


      Any ideas how I could pass any relevent row parameter and then render the popupPanel?




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          julez Newbie

          After trying out several things I found a workaround with a jsFunction. My code now looks like this, it unfortunately loads the popupPanel twice, but that's ok for now.


          I set the data via the jsFunction:


          <a4j:jsFunction name="updatePopup" render="popup_panel">

               <a4j:param name="id" assignTo="#{cc.attrs.psmViewerBean.popupData}"/>



          And the buttons call the jsFunction via the onclick


          <a4j:commandButton value="buttontext"




                              oncomplete="#{rich:component('popup_panel')}.show(); return false;"/>