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    Pick List RF4.1M3 Issues

    Jimmy Chang Newbie

      I've noticed some problems with Pick List, first noticed with M2 and continuing with M3 as of this date.


      1) sourceCaption and targetCaption values would not appear. After wasting a LOT of time on this, I saw the post with finally a demo at:




      The default skin is blueSky, and everything looks good. However, if you select the classic skin, which I'm using, the captions go away. In the showcase, japanCherry appears to be the only other one where the captions display. 


      2) With virtually all the skins except blueSky and japanCherry, the background for selected items is too dark to be usable. In V3.x, classic was somewhat lighter and this was not a problem. When I had a similar problem with Suggestion Box, I used selectedClass to resolve it. In V4.1 I can do the same with Autocomplete using selectedItemClass. 


      BUT, using the Pick List selectItemClass does not work. Aside from inconsistent spelling for the name, it doesn't affect the background, and worse, appears to disable the Add and Remove buttons when I use it with a CSS class name. Without documentation, I'm not even certain of its purpose.


      3) On Windows at least, holding the shift key and making multiple selects with the mouse does not work. The Control (Ctrl) key and mouse combination does work. 


      I hope this information saves time for others, but more importantly that these issues are corrected.


      Working without documentation is a serious problem, impacting the number of people who would find problems like these to help RichFaces be successful.

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          Brendan Healey Master

          I've been testing the milestone releases also, have you logged a JIRA for your skinning and

          shift+select issues? I'm using pickList in M3 and have managed to replace the control buttons

          with some replacement images and make a few css changes, everything is looking good for

          me, although I'm only using a slightly modified blueSky.