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    Update data


      I'm starting to use richface 4 but I am using a rich datatable with a updatable ResultSet. when I run the application the datatable shows empty. I have done the same with older richfaces versions and it works ok. Besides I test with an h:datatable and it works too, it just happend with richfaces 4. do they make any change?. Maybe now it is not possible to use a ResultSet any more 

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          Sagi Kovaliov Newbie

          It looks like a mystery, I saw similar questions in the forum with this simple question: "Can I use resultset in rich:datatable in RichFaces 4.0 ?"

          But no one answered that question yet.

          Is it so difficult ??

          I have opened a bug regarding this issue:


          I got an answer that only a collection can be used for value attribute of rich:datatable, not a resultset.

          But I know that in previous releases of RichFaces people used a resultset. Why did it stop working ?

          If RichFaces 4.0 datatable extends JSF 2.0 datatable, it should accept resultset as well !!

          I have found nothing in RichFaces 4.0 documentation  that points to such a limitation.


          Please, can somebody give a normal answer eventually !!