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    MessageCount high

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      Apologies if this is not the right place to ask. Please advise if this is the case. I'm new to jboss and java, and I could really do with some help.


      I'm using jboss 6.1.0 final clustered with hornetq 2.2.5 final, solaris 10. One of our queues is adding to MessageCount, and not going down, despite there not being much activity on the system. Two of the 6 jboss hosts, are unable to completely process their messages, i.e. reach a MessageCount of 0.


      I'm running a twiddle script every minute, here's a sample of it - server 1,3,5,6 are Ok it seems (0), while server 2 and 4, never go down.


      So, against my 6 servers, I twiddle every minute, and record in a log file

      twiddle.sh -o {host} get 'org.hornetq:module=JMS,type=Queue,name="AssetQueue"' MessageCount









      I guess, my question needs to be open - how do I troubleshoot this?


      My idea was to inspect what those messages, but I'm frankly clueless as to how I can do this. Invoking listMessages in the jmx-console does nothing (I get one line saying "[Ljava.util.Map;@604e9ae5" which means nothing to me). I do not have GUI access to the solaris server, and I'm not allowed to install anything.


      Any ideas / help will be much appreciated.


      Kind regards