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    ExtendedDataTable with lazy loading / arrangeable

    Florian Schoedel Newbie



      i've searched weeks for a running example with lazy data loading and richfaces framework. Unfortunately I havn't found anything in the showcase, because tab no. 6 on http://richfaces-showcase.appspot.com/richfaces/component-sample.jsf?demo=dataTable&sample=arrangeableModel&skin=rubyisn't shown on my screen


      ok, weeks later I have found this example and tried to adapt it on my needs. But now I've run in an other problem.


      In the example you are using a session scoped bean for 'PersonBean'. But that#s the point. I wan't to push the ext. datatable to an own composite component. It seems not to work within an a composite component. the Filter and SortOrder values are stored correctly, on the first page the filtering is correct, put pagination isn't working anymore. If  I switch to page no. 2 ... n the filters / sortorders are lost, even if I use 'getStateHelper().get(...) , .... put(..., ..., ...)' in the bean of my own composite component


      Is there a way to use this lazy loading datatable within an own composite component while the filter and sortorder maps are stored in the Bean belonging to the faces component?



      many thanks in advance