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    Pop up validation with checkbox while editing the data

    Raj Raj Newbie

      HI All,


      I am facing following issue with richfaces popup panel.  In the pop up, I am having a form with some text fields, and list of check boxes(I am using h:selectManyCheckBox tag).  In the users data table, when I click on the user name, a pop up will be opened with the user data, in that pop up, a edit user button will be available to edit the user data.  I am facing one issue when I follow the below steps:


      1) Open the edit user pop up

      2) Delete content of the required field input

      3) Check one of the unchecked box from the list of checkboxes

      4) Click on save, validation fails because of missing required field data

      5) Click on cancel, Pop up will close without saving the data.

      6) When I open the pop up again, the newly checked checkbox(Step3) is being selected.(this is not I want, actually the checkboxes that are stored for user in db should be checked)


      I am using the following code for the Edit User button:


      <a4j:commandButton value="#{uit.editUser}" styleClass="grey_btn"

             title="#{uit.editUser}" render="editUserGrid "

             limitRender="true" action="#{searchBean.getUserByUserName}"




      checkboxesCan anyone help me solving the issue?


      Thanks in advance.