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    Naming Subsystem in AS7

    Jeff Lins Newbie

      I want to provide a simple String value to my application via JNDI in AS7.0.2.Final. I assume this is done using the naming subsystem. I had trouble finding any information on this but came across a code snippet somewhere that looked like this:


      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:naming:1.0">


                <static name="java:global/a" value="C:\home\app_config.xml"/>




      This doesn't work and it gives me an error saying it doesn't recognize the bindings element. I took a look at the xsd for the 1.0 naming subsystem and there is nothing in it besides the subsystem element. Is this not supported yet in AS7? I saw an xsd for the 1.1 naming system committed a couple weeks ago that had all the subsystem's child nodes and since it was named "Add the ability to bind stuff to JNDI via standalone.xml", that makes me further think that this was not supported in 7.0.2. Can anyone verify this and if it is not supported when it will be?


      Also, any ideas on alternatives in the meantime would be much appreciated.