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    Clustering with GuiDemo

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      I'm new to Infinispan and trying to learn some simple basics by going through a "getting started" lab document created by Sandeep Khemani/Jim Tyrrell. I've downloaded the v5.1 Beta 3 code to use with the lab document. I'm running on a Windows7 laptop with JDK v1.6.0_24.


      The first part of the lab is to start a few instances of the runGuiDemo.bat, add some sample date, and view that the instances cluster and the data is spread across the cluster. This part works perfectly.


      The second part is to start a few instances of the cluster at the command line. During startup, the Java class adds a simple key/value pair to the cache, and then prints the value of this.cacheManager.getClusterSize() to the screen. When the first instance starts, I correctly see a value of 1. When the second instance starts, I correctly see a value of 2 indicating the two instances have clustered together. This part works perfectly.


      The third part is to use the command prompt and runGuiDemo.bat to form a cluster and use the GUI applet to see the cluster members and data. The command line instance is started by passing gui-demo-cache-config.xml file in as an argument. According to the document, this should be the same config file as used by the GUI applet. After starting both the command line and GUI instances, I don't see the two nodes listed in the GUI applet.


      Can anyone assist me in getting these 2 instances to cluster together?




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          Sandeep Khemani Newbie

          Hi Tony -


          Unfortunately this tutorial was tested on / built for linux environments (at JBoss World 2011) - and consequently it makes use of the script ./runGuiDemo.sh and not ./runGuiDemo.bat

          To illustrate - one example is that we are leveraging one of the shell variables in ./runGuiDemo.sh called CP to ensure user defined java classes from the lab get picked up in the GUI demo's classpath. However, I can say (with confidence) that "just the section of clustering between the gui windows and the command shell" section won't work on windows.


          The good news is that if you have been able to get a cluster working (as stated in your post above), then the product's clustering and HA capabilities are working fine. If you want a linux vm to go through this lab in completion, do let me know and I can work it out for you.




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            Thanks Sandeep! This is fine. I was just trying to try the tutorial and then see some data in the applet for a test custom cache that I built to verify I was doing everything correctly. Since they are clustering, I'll assume it is working fine and continue playing around with it.