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    JBoss 5.1.0 vfs-nested getting big - deploying using Twiddle: what permanent roots should I add?

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      We have a problem with vfs-nested filling up (like lots of other people) so we have had to use a cron job to purge this folder of older files every so often.


      Reading through what other people have done to resolve this problem, I think we may need to add a permanent root to the vfs configuration, however I am not certain as we use Twiddle to deploy.


      Here is our folder structure





      So the Twiddle command is something like:


           /applications/jboss/bin/twiddle.sh -s localhost:1099 invoke 'jboss.service:MainDeployer' deploy "file:///misc/JavaEE/package/application.ear"


      Should /misc/JavaEE/package be added to the permanent roots? Must permanent roots always be the immediate parent of the deployable or can we use the parent of a parent (eg /misc/JavaEE) ?


      Thanks in advance for any input.