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    rich:menuitem does not do what is expected, how to find a solution?

    antonio gallo Newbie

      Hello I'm using a rich menu (dropdown) where several menuitems are displayed. I'd like to take track of the menuitem being selected. I'd like to highlight  the item selected or show an icon near the menuitem so that the user knows which toplevel menu item has been selected.


      Unfortunatelly I can not find any solution. I saw in the documentation that there's a icon-selected class but I have no idea of how to use it.


      I made a binding in my xhtml form in order to point to the menuitem and I wrote a listener that is called when the menuitem is selected.


      Then I also tried to use the setIcon method on the menuitem to display a green V showing that a selection has been performed but the method gets a string (probably a path to a icon in the web app) and passing the correct path, does not produce any effect.


      My someone point me some solution? In the demo there's no solution for this, simply a panel is added to keep track of the right selection but I do not want to have further unuseful panels in my gui.


      Is it possible that there's no other chance to do what i Want?


      I'm using richfaces 3.3.*


      Thanks in advance.