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    how to show a new line in scrollableDatatable

    Johan Borchers Newbie


      I do have a scrollableDatatable object with 4 rows visible because of the height which is OK. Via a button and actionlistener I can add a new line to the scrollableDatatable. And after the redraw a new line is visible. But that's only for 4 lines. If I add e.g. line 5 the vertical scrollbar becomes visible but line 5 is not visible. Only if I scroll down with the mouse.
      Is there a way to let the scrollableDatatable scroll down to the last added line to show the result of adding a line and the redraw of the field?
      Should I set some of the row key vars in the action event listener so that the redraw of the scrollableDatatable field causes a scroll down or something like that?
      Has someone a suggestion?


      Johan Borchers