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    Auction System with Infinispan

    Michael Wittig Newbie

      What I try to achieve is a Auction System where useres can bid for products. The system runs in memory only and is highly distributed. While Objects are grouped e.g. by the auction id or something similar.


      I am playing a bit with Infinispan (came from CouchDB) and wonder how I can achieve something like this:

      get me all the Objects where userid=1

      Because of Infinispans Map/Reduce allows only the output of one element. In CouchDB it is possible to make only a map without a reduce with more than one object for a key as result. How can I do this in Infinispan?


      Anorher question is about the Continous Query function. Here I can do querys like the one I introduced at the beginning? Is my example a use case for CQ? Having multiple Auctioners how listens to specific ranges if auction ids to process the bids or so.


      Are there any examples to use infinispan as a system where objects belong to users and must thereforebe selected by the user? maybe I just get the whole Infinispan thing wrong.


      I would appreciate any kind of hints.