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    Facing issue whn tring to upgrade to Porlet-Bridge 2.0 jar J

    kulasekara pandiyan Newbie


      I've tried to sort the datatable column using sortBy attribute.But in the integrated multiple portlet environment it's causing some Ajax Script issue.
      Some where in the forum discussion it's mentioned that this Ajax request will goto the application as HTTPServeltRequest instead of PortletRequest. So it returns a false value for the request.
      and I am advised to upgrade the Portlet-Bridge.jar to version 2.0 from 1.0.
      Upgrading this jar will solve the Ajax request issue. I don't have much idea like upgrading the jars will resolve the sorting issue...can anyone plz guide me in this issue.

      And also I have tried to upgrade the Portlet-Bridge.jars 2.0. It's causing some deployment issues.
      I ve some quires need to be addressed..

      1)Do i need to use portlet.tld 2.0 which uses JSR 286 Specification logic.
      2)I think this Portlet.tld 2.0 version is available in portal-portlet-lib.jar.
      3)Do I need to upgrade this portal-portlet-lib.jar also?
      4)Is this JbossPortal 2.6 Aplication server support this upgradation or
      5)Do i need to upgrade the Jboss Portal AS.

      Kindly provide me some pointer or help me to resolve this quires and the issue...Appreciate your help...

      Pandiyan S