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    richfaces doesn't work through IIS?

    ganymede arshimede Newbie



      I have a weird problem with my application.

      I have installed tomcat 7 on a windows server 2003.

      I made a connection between IIS and tomcat 7 with AJP13, it works.

      My application is developped with JSF, it works well and i can connect to it with:

      address 1 = localhost/monRep/faces/index.jsp

      or with

      address 2 = localhost:8080/monRep/faces/index.jsp


      But i have a big problem with richfaces (i'm working with the 3.3.3 version), on address 2 everything works it's perfect but i'm not connecting to my application through AJP connector.

      On address 1 all the richfaces components don't work, trees, panels (skin that i choose doesn't even appear).


      I don't understand why, if someone could help.