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    Securing password for datasources in AS7

    borgeh Newbie

      I have a similar problem.

      We needed of a datasource defined in standalone.xml


      We did not want the username/password to the production database stored in standalone.xml, and our first try was to pass it in as a system property. It worked, but then the username/password was logged to our boot.log.


      Our next try was to add the username/password to a property file.

      We addeda "-Pdatasource.properties" to the call of standalone.sh

      It worked, and username/password was not logget to our boot.log anymore.


      But now we got a new problem!!


      For some reason JBoss7 writes the standalone.xml back to disk, and resolves the properties stored in datasource.properties to standalone.xml.










      was after booting up JBoss7 saved back to the standalone.xml as





      It seems to me as a bug i Jboss7.

      Any idea anyone?


      We even tried to write protect standalone.xml and got the following result:

      "Failed to store configuration to standalone.xml: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /opt/jboss-7.0.2/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml (Permission denied)"