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    problem with Paging/Drop address full policy on jms topic

    Daniel Zietz Newbie

      We have some problems with JMS Topics provided by HornetQ 2.2.2 integrated in Jboss AS 5 on a production server:



      - If address-full-policy is configured to use "PAGING", HornetQ does not delete page files even if all messages are consumed. This fills harddisk till no space is available anymore and jboss stops working.(This may be related to https://issues.jboss.org/browse/HORNETQ-529)

      - if address-full-policy is configured to use "DROP" the topic stops accepting messages after some time(i.e. the value of "Messages Added" in the managment interface does not increment anymore and no more messages are delivered)


      The topic receives about 500-700 messages per minute and deliveres them to an average of 10 consumers.

      It is likely that the client connections are terminated by network errors quite often.

      Nevertheless the only logging I found referring this is "WARN  [org.hornetq.core.server.impl.ServerSessionImpl] [T:248] Client connection failed, clearing up resources for session f1813b6e-0af1-11e1-bf3f-001f3b211d7d".


      The configuration of the topic in hornetq-jms.xml looks like this:


      <topic name="events.notifications">

      <entry name="/topic/events.notifications"/> 



      And the configuration of address-full-policy in hornetq-configuration looks like this:



        <!--default for catch all-->
        <address-setting match="#">



      First tests showed that the paging problem might not appear with HornetQ 2.2.8, but since the problem is only randomly reproduceable on local installations this is not for sure.


      Therefore I would be thankful for every tip (e.g. configuration problems) that could help to solve this problem.