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    Customizing RF look - when skins are not enough (css order problem!)

    jlpktnst Newbie

      Well, I have an interesting problem. I noticed that skins don't  provide enough flexibility for what I want to do with my datatables for example.


      Now the easiest way to do it seemed to just take rf classes and change em.


      I have applied the plain skin and everything is empty and transparent now. Then I have included custom.css file. The problem is that my custom.css comes before datatable.ecss.css and those ecss settings take precedence over mine. Can I coerce h:outputStylesheet to somehow output my css file after every other? Or do I have to resort to cheap tricks...


      If you have any other ideas regarding theming that is also welcome since it is a bit daunting to start from scratch. Problem is for example that I want different headers on different components. And I wanted only horizontal lines in tables ... and some similar things. Maybe that is doable with skins? as I was checking I couldn't figure out how to do that.


      edit: I was considering adding script on document load using jQuery. The result of


      <rich:jQuery selector="document" query="ready( function(){dosomething();} )" />



      Uncaught exception: TypeError: 'arguments[1].jQuery' is not a function  ...