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    Querying Content Object

    Sridhar J Newbie

      1) Hi, We are able to launch the workflow and Complete Human Tasks in the Workflow successfully in jBPM 5.1. We have a requirement to perform a Search Operation on the Task to display the Tasks details Assigned to a User.


      Say for Eg) For a Human Task we have a variable "AssignedTo" defined in the Workflow which will have a value entered by user "Username" when user Completes or Saves the Task. This Value currently gets Saved in the Content Object of jBPM. If i want to search by the given "Username" to retrieve the list of Task Assigned  then let me know the options ?


      2) Also secondly how to run any query on the variables declared in the Human tasks which are available inside Content Object.


      3) Is it possible to retrieve the Session ID from the Task (Which Created it) in jBPM 5.1