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    Thread leak

    Umur Poyraz Newbie

      Hi all,


      I've searched the web and also forums but could not find a solution.


      I'm using Eclipse 3.6.2 with JBossTools 3.2 plugin. Developing a dynamic web project (JSF+Seam) deployed on JBoss AS 6.0.

      A strange behavior I observerd is that after some time working in Eclipse (Jboss AS is also running) I got OutOfMemoryException saying "could not create new native thread". After some digging, I found (via JConsole) that in every publish, a new thread named "JMX server connection timeout ###" is created in both Eclipse and also a corresponding one in JBoss AS with a similar name. But these threads never get timed out, the thread count always increases. Thus out of memory occurs.

      Someone had asked a very similar problem in Oracle forums and the answer is that it is a bug related to the client. That's why I thougt it may be something related to JBoss Tools. Anyone knows the problem or the solution.


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