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    a4j:ajax not rerendering my composite component

    Jboss fan99 Newbie

      I have below code. On change in selection of the selectOneMenu, I want to refresh utils:calendar with id = "ratesCalendar". But when I change selection on the combo box, nothing happens, Any help is appreciated.

      I even tried with "render" instead of "execute" in a4j:ajax line.


      <ui:composition template="../SiteLayout.xhtml">

        <ui:define name="content">



        <h:outputLabel value="Select Task to Edit:   "></h:outputLabel>

        <h:selectOneMenu value="#{specialRatesCalendar.task}">

        <f:selectItems value="#{specialRatesCalendar.myTasks}"></f:selectItems>

        <a4j:ajax event="change" execute="@region"></a4j:ajax>




        <utils:calendar id="ratesCalendar" calbean="#{specialRatesCalendar}"

        actionbean="#{specialRateAction}" />