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    Apache will not start - jk_lb_push::jk_lb_worker.c (347): syncing shm for lb 'loadbalancer-app' from mem (0->1)

    hades666 Newbie

      I hope this is the correct forum to post questions like this. I am at a wall and can't figure this out.
      Hit an issue today with a PRD system while I was syncing up the platforms. I was simply adding Apache rules in the httpd-vhost and httpd.conf files as I have done many times and completed the same for DEV, STG. After stopping apache and restarting it, it would not load.

      Please note that it worked fine previously.

      JBOSS instances load and the app loads.


      Will not start,
      Mod_jk.xxxx.log shows the following line
      jk_lb_push::jk_lb_worker.c (347): syncing shm for lb 'loadbalancer-app' from mem (0->1)

      I cannot seem to get Apache and mod_jk to play nicely.
      apache - 2.2.19
      jboss - eap-5.1
      RHEL - 4.8 Update 8

      Any help is appreciated as i have completely removed and reinstalled Jboss, removed and recompiled apache to no effect.

      Thank you,