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    Richfaces in Jboss 7

    Sunil Pandit Newbie

      Folks ,


      I am porting one of our application to Jboss AS7 . This application running perfectly in Jboss 5. It is using richfaces and fecelet .


      I am running in all sorts of issues such as  'ModalPanel' is undefined , not being able to load a4j etcc.


      I have following Jar files in Web-inf/lib folder


      jsf-api.jar         Implementation-Version: 1.2_12-b01-FCS


      jsf-impl.jar      Implementation-Version: 1.2_12-b01-FCS





      I also have following entry in web.xml







      So I assume all jsf jars are loaded from web-inf/lib


      Can some one shed some light on how to diagnose this issue ? Is it Jar related issue ?


      Am I missing any configuration in web.xml