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    JBoss Tools in Eclipse - Code Completion EL not working

    david meier Newbie



      just trying to use JBT in Eclipse, and cannot get the EL code completion.

      f:, h: etc tags work fine. Too if I add my managed bean by faces-config, then EL completion also works.


      But as I want to use @ManagedBean annotations, somehow the code completion does not recognize my classes.

      Does any1 know how to solve this?





      How can I tell eclipse to use closing tags within a statement, eg: <h:outputText value="" />

      instead of <h:outputText value=""></h:outputText>?


      If I manually write the tags everything's fine. But using the JBoss Tools Palette Drag+Drop elements, they always include these needless closing tags </h:...>


      Thanks a lot