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    How to add header parameter to my service

    Normandes Junior Newbie



         I would like that my WSDL generated by JBoss ESB has this form:


         <wsdl:input name="wsProviderGatewayReq">

              <soap:body use="literal" parts="parameters"/>

              <soap:header message="pg:messageOperationRequest" part="provider_request" use="literal"/>



         Do you guys get the idea?


         I would like to receive a parameter in header part. How could I build jboss-esb.xml?


         This is my jboss-esb.xml.

      <actions inXsd="operationRequest.xsd" outXsd="operationResponse.xsd">

        <action name="receiveMessage" class="br.com.planeta.soa.MyAction" />



      And then how could I receive the header parameter in my action?



      Normandes Junior.