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    rich:contextMenu disabled all <a> links

    validmir 44444 Newbie

      hi guys

      I have a project with seam and richfaces.
      I'm trying to use a rich:contextMenu element in my page together with more s:link elements but when I come to this page the s:links aren't working. It works fine without the rich:contextMenu.
      I have also tried to insert a html link just to test the functionality but this isn't working either.

      do you have any ideas or do you know why does this happens?

      thanks in advace

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          validmir 44444 Newbie

          menu look like this

           <s:link view="/Tree.xhtml"

          and contexmenu like this

          <rich:contextMenu event="onclick" attachTo="node"
          submitMode="server" >
          <rich:menuItem submitMode="server" value="starttask"
          <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" value="create SubTask"
           <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" value="TaskDetails"
           oncomplete="Richfaces.showModalPanel('TaskDetails');" reRender="TaskDetailsOPanel">

          seam version is 2.1.2 GA
          and richfaces is included in seam and version 3.2.2

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            1) you need to add submitMode='none' to menuItem which should contains s:link inside working.
            2) as far as I remember there was an issue that menuItem prevented any links inside from working because of events catched and stopped. So please try 3.3.2 GA for test if 1) not helps.