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    Webservice throws org.xml.sax.SAXNotRecognizedException

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      Hello Community,


      I have a problem with a WebService-Client used in a WAR-Project (I am using the jbossws-native-client 3.1.2.GA), deployed on JBOSS-AS 5.1.0.GA, which tries to get some data from a WebService-MOCK (running on Tomcat 6.0.33).


      The Problem is that I get the following exception while my WebService-Client tries to parse the data which is delivered by the WS-MOCK:


      org.xml.sax.SAXNotRecognizedException: Feature: http://xml.org/sax/properties/lexical-handler


      My WS-MOCK uses the following SAX Parser:



      If I switch this SAX Parser on my WS-MOCK to:



      then everything is working fine.



      Because I don't really know what the Production-Scenario WebService will deliver to me, I am trying to prepare for the worst-case.

      But I cannot get my WS-Mock with the newer SAX Parser to work.


      I allready tried the following:



      Switch the SAX Parser libraries in JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed/ - The Result was that JBoss will not start because of many different Parser Errors while trying to load/parse it's config.


      2.) Try to user a class loader for my WAR-File - The Result was SAX Parser Errors while trying to deploy the WAR-File.



      So I'm stuck now.

      Does anyone else has an idea how to get the WebService-Client running against the WS-MOCK using the newer SAX Parser libs?

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          mnjboss Newbie

          After some research I have some new Information.


          The Problem is not the WebService Client.

          I have installed SoapUI and configured my WebService MOCK to use the following Library "xerces-1.2.3", which is older not newer (what I have thought first).

          Then I tested the MOCK with SoapUI and figured out that the Error Message which I saw in my WebService Client was produced from the MOCK and not from the WebService Client.

          I saw the Exception (org.xml.sax.SAXNotRecognizedException: Feature: http://xml.org/sax/properties/lexical-handler) in the Response-XML which the MOCK delivers to my Client.

          So the MOCK Server is throwing this Exception but passes it in the Response-XML to the Client.


          Now I know that the xerces-1.2.3 lib is not working with tomcat 6.0.33 and axis1.4

          I think this is because xerces-1.2.3 implements SAX and not SAX2 which I think is in xercesImpl-2.x.x


          In conclusion - Everything is fine now.

          Problem solved!